All good trips to the Island start at Horse Shoe Bay. This was our first proper trip to the Island since we moved here and we were really excited. We had packed up the truck complete with the days and our tents to camp in Courtenay. There was a big gang of us travelling. Myself and Louise left on Wednesday as we had a few extra days off.


The sailing was calm and the sights beautiful. Onc we landed I opted to ride my road bike from Naniamo to Courtenay (110km). 11130162_10152914295848402_6422855456152425791_n

Thursday seen us hit the trails and try out what Cumberland had to offer. It was well worth the trip. A huge mix of different kinds of trails. The first trail we hit was Thirsty Beaver. It started midway up the mountain and brought us back down towards the parking lot.


On our second lap we tried out Blue Collar and a few other trails along the way that were recommended by some locals we met on thhe Mountain.

11102960_10152914816018402_7644730355936889998_n 11008563_10152912771138402_7176915684463962729_n

That night we were all tired after a feed and lit the Fire at the campsite to chill out. The weekend was great and I can’t wait to get back there . Roll on the summer!!!!



The cold and snow never arrived. The bike season has just kept going. No break since September and its now March. Ive been out riding lots on the Mountain Bike. Still haven’t got into the swing of the Road Bike. I just can’t do it. It seems the awesome trail conditions are keeping me off road. Ive made a few trips to Squamish to ride some new trails like Tinder, Your Mom, Rupert and old ones like Credit Line, 50 Shades and Endtrails. Joining me on one of the rides was Lyle Barton from Acre Supply. Acre is a new company that makes awesome bags and riding gear. Expect to see more from them on here in the next while as we go on some adventures together. IMG_0087 Looking out over Howe Sound from Credit Line Rocking my Acre Supply Hauser 14L bag and new Acre Shorts. IMG_0069 The Whale hump on Endtrails. IMG_0076 Getting out the wizard beard.IMG_0071IMG_0082 Lyle testing out the Santa Cruz Nomad on the Squamish trails. I have also been out riding with a cool gang of people on Wednesday mornings. All just lots of fun.


The new year has come and gone. Ive been busy in work and enjoying riding bikes as usual. I haven’t started the winter training just yet so its all been about fun on the bike. What a better way to have fun than to get a new bike. Introducing the 2015 Giant Reign Advanced 1.

The bike is awesome. The 160mm travel coupled with the 65 degree head angle makes this bike act like a mini downhill bike on the descents. The Rock Shox Monarch Plus Debon Air rear shock has a great 3 switch lever to help with the climbing. After the ghetto One-by conversion with a Race Face Narrow Wide 32 Ring, my X0 crank, Xtr Trail brakes and Enve Bars the bike weighed in at 29.1lbs with pedals, bottle and garmin.

So with the new bike Ive gotta get out on some adventures. The winter in Vancouver has been really good. Like really good for the bikers and not the skiers. The trails are in the best conditions ever so it would be rude not to use them.

Even managed a New Years Eve ride with this bunch of cool Irish people. North Shore is the new Three Rock….hahaha.

Oh and some new Canadian riding buddies.

Dave Nordman is soooo enduro with his enduro over the shoulder jacket carrier.

Stolen pictures from Elladee as Im too busy riding to stop.

January is nearly over now. Training starts in February so expect some #JRA Selfies to flood onto Instagram. Plans for 2015 challenges and races are well underway.

My Strava Story for 2014

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 10.06.39 PM

What a year it has been. Ive ridden my bikes over 5000kms and enjoyed every minute of it. 2015 is going to see lots of new adventures. Some will be epic, some will be racing but most of all they will be fun. Setting goals and getting out of my comfort zone will be the plans. Roll on 2015.

Check the stats and video HERE.


By now we are deep in the Cyclocross season and the move up to Elite has been a learning curve that is for sure. The prep was there but you can’t prepare for the injection of speed. Also the 60mins + race is tough. To make things harder Id opted to do Singlespeed too. Thats two races per day with about 30mins between the first and second race. No time to cool down and warm up.

The double header weekend happened in Vancouver at the start of October so that meant lots of racing in one weekend. First off was Foreshore Park with the unforgiving Sand pit. The Steed Cycles Team helped organize the race so we got there nice and early to mark the course and look after sign on. Once that was out of the way it fun began.

I didn’t have a call up so started at the back. and tried to work my way up. The speed at the front that Craig Richey and Kevin Calhoun produce really puts it to me. I held on as long as I could and then tried to settle into a rhythm. I kept the lap times consistent but with a lap to go tried to relax as I knew I was racing the single speed straight after.

The Singlespeed Race went a bit better for me. I was a bit under geared for the fast bits but held it together in the twisty bits. I took the lead at the start to try control the speed as I was still recovering from the first race.

I worked to stay with the two leaders but they managed to get away in the traffic of the other racers that we were catching.

By the end I managed to hold onto 3rd place and try keep some in the tank for Sunday race at Vanier Park.

Onto Vanier Park…..the day didn’t start well when I got stuck in Traffic following a fire in Stanley Park and missed the first race at 11.30. This meant I had to go all out in the Singlespeed race. This race has always been really fast and a bit like a road crit.

Riding the logs on the first lap.

Chasing down the leaders.

I once again stayed with the guys that got away at the start. We all worked our way thru the backlog. I couldn’t hold the pace with my gearing (this is starting to make me wish I had gears) so dropped back a bit.

With about 4 laps to go I caught back onto the lead riders and started to do battle with Nick Berry. It was a great last few laps as we raced thru the back markers and diced for each line and corner.

As I came onto the last lap I knew where I wanted to attack Nick so tried my luck. He countered at the barriers and we sprinted to the line. I took 5th and the last spot on the podium.

More racing to come. The season is far from over. Thanks to Scott Robarts, Alison Sydor, Amir Shahrestani and Louise for the photos.



This set of pictures give you a good example of how hard my introduction to the Singlespeed life was. Note the grimace of pain on my face in the first picture. The big issue with running Singlespeed so far for me is setting up the bike and gearing. The common notion is to go with the 2:1 ratio. On a course like Whistler that did not work due to the steep climbs not usual associated with Cyclocross Races. I think in any Park style race this would not be an whistler

This leads to lots of running and walking with bikes. Not really what I signed up for. My poor knees don’t know what hit them. I went with a 34-17t. So in the village I didn’t have enough gearing and on the hills was too high. All a learned curve I suppose. In the race I managed to get a large gap at the start and lead all the way until the last lap when my chain dropped off and I couldn’t seem to get it back on. I opted to run the lap as the guy behind had caught me. I eventually came over the line in second. Now I am gunning for the top spot in the next few weeks.



All hands up for single speeds.10628592_655481774559868_3325286073177620397_n


Expect a post on my new Giant TCX SSCXWC very soon.

Photos by Andy Euenson and Clint Trahan.



Its not meant to be like this. I mean its dry, hot and fast. Cyclocross is supposed to be muddy, wet and miserable. I love such a love hate relationship with Cross. By December I’m totally over it and then when June rolls around I can’t wait for it to start. 2014-2015 is my move into the big time and by that I mean moving up to the A Race or Elite. Ive also got this mad idea to try Singlespeed as I thought racing Elite was not hard enough for me. So that means double duties most weekends.


The season kick off for me was the Starcrossed in Seattle. This is my favourite race because of the big fields in each race and the crowds are huge. Last season I finished 8th and was just off the podium. My plan for this years was to make the podium or win. As an out of towner I got seeded near the back row on the start grid. This was gonna be an issue with such a fast race. I did not panic thou. As the gun went off I pushed passed the row of riders in front of me til I was in about the Top 10. The speed was fast as we started the loop that seen us leave the stadium and into the parking lot. On a tight corner one rider fell and split the pack. I raced to get onto the back of the lead group and corner by corner I picked off the riders. By the end of the first lap I was into 3rd and felt comfortable. At this stage I should add that it was around 25-28 degrees and dusty as hell.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.27.18 AM

I saved as much energy as I could until a stronger rider came up to the front. That rider was local EV Racers Christian Hansen. Ive raced with him before in Vancouver and know him very well. He rode away and I followed him. We got away with another two riders. I tried to hold on as long as I could be trailing in the dust and the heat got the better of me. On the last lap I dropped back and had to settle for 4th just off the podium by 12 seconds. Looks like Ill have to come back next year and battle it out again. There was a great turnout from all the team on the day. Im so proud to be a part of the Steed Cycles Team again this season.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.26.24 AMSponsors

Having great partners like POC, Smith Optics and Skratch Labs make racing easy.

Heres a video from Christian’s bike mounted camera.

Photos by Ian Hoffman and DBC Photos.


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