Ive been playing around with the idea for this for a while. Ive seen lots of helmet mounts before that give you the riders POV(point of view) and they are cool. I also like the ones that point back at the riders face so you can see the concentration in their eyes. This got me thinking about some of the cool angles i had seen on drift videos too. What if i could build something that gave you the feeling that you where hovering around thr rider/driver and could swtich from looking at them to seeing what they saw. While making a video of Eric O Sullivan at a Prodrift European Series event in the UK a good friend and amazing photographer Paddy Mc Grath (www.pmcgphotos.com) was testing out a new boom he had purchased. His photographs with it where great. So i asked if i could borrow it to shoot some video. Well the footage was amazing and something i had never seen in drift videos before. But by accident Eric had clipped a cone on course which caused the camera to swing around and focus on the door. This gave me a brainwave about Camera mounts.

Well after many years of thinking and seeing a rad video of a guy who made a helmet mount it gave me an idea. I had mentioned it in passing to Paddy at a recent event in Manchester and he laughed at the craziness of it but admitted it would be cool to see. So i started making a helmet mounted model first to test the waters and then ill move onto a car one when i get the bugs sorted with it.

Take one pisspot helmet, and mount a “giro style” mount on it which will allow the camera to spin freely around the rider.

Next add an alloy arm long enough to give you a full view. The mount the camera to the arm and test.

Then test and see the results……


It didnt work out totally as i expected but will be good when finished. Just need to sort the weight issue out and we have a winner. Stay tuned for updates.



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