Our usual Tuesday nite spin has now turned into ‘Nite Biking’ with the summer finishing and the light fading at around 6.30 now. So the ‘die-hards’ have kept it lit and continued on with the Tuesday tradition. Instead of the normal up to the top of 3Rock and blast down some singletracks that eventually lead us to the bar at the Blue Light Pub for the craic and banter myself, Hoppo and Johno decided to cycle all the way up from Hoppo’s to the top of 2Rock across Fairy Castle, over the bog, along the Wicklow Way and across to Tibradden. The peak of 2Rock was at 1730ft and we covered 14Km’s offroad and in the dark. It has to be one of the weirdest feelings not being able to see what is beside you in the pitch black. All you see is about 10ft in front of you where your lights shine. The speed is a bit slower but still very challenging. Sadly this will be my last time in the mud for a month or so as im off to California. Expect vids of me riding in Laguna, San Juan and anything else McNeill throws at me.

Lizards in Dublin Mountains?

Wicklow Way signs at top of Tibradden.

You are here?

Me at the top of 2Rock(1730ft)

Hoppo looking over the city.

Johno blinded by the light.


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