So ive know Ronan at RoCo Performance for a few years now after meeting him through his cousin Conor Murphy. The guys supported me big time when i competed in Time Attack in my Honda Civic. RoCo was only starting out as a business back then but in those few years they have really grown. The fabrication work they can do is now Worldclass. Ronan is specialising in Rollcage fabrication and custom parts for all kinds of vehicles. Hes built some of the tightest cages for Drifters i have ever seen. Some of his 4×4 work with Exoskeleton cages is unreal.

More car stuff here

The Jeep stuff is crazy too…..

More 4×4 stuff here

So last night i was talking to Ronan about what he was at lately. He informed me that he was working in California at the minute with Luke Lonberger and the team at Blu808. They are the guys that built Conrads Hankook Tires Camaro in FD. Ronan is helping them get Lukes Corvette ready for the 2011 season. They have a great video blog of the build which stars Ronan in Episode 3 trying to eat a massive donut. Have a look below:

DONT FORGET +15035931337     ‘CONGRATULATIONS JIM & ASH’….hahahaha


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