With only a few days to go to the Oscars in Hollywood and Banksys movie ‘Exit through the gift shop’ looking like a favourite for best documentry. The two street artists have taken to the LA streets to mark their territories. First off Banksy hit up Westwood and dropped this ‘Crayola Soldier’……..

Then for his most daring hit he moved onto Sunset Blvd right opposite the Directors Guild Offices to make this masterpiece(sadly it only lasted 1 day)………

Then on Sunset at the top of the hill at LaCienega he did this Charlie Brown with a can of petrol on a burnt out building(this has since been boarded up)…..

Mr Brainwash finally chimed in yesterday with is Storm Trooper themed Oscar Red Carpet number at his old spot on La Brea…….

Pic thanks to

So the question is will he win? Will MBW or Banksy step up to collect the award? One thing is for sure…Id love to be in LA the week after the Oscars if he wins. Can you imagine what art will appear?


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