Clips of this documentary have been popping up all over the Irish Mtb forums lately. The footage is getting better and better by the section. Here are two of my favourites so far.

The first one is of ‘The Greg’ or Greg Callaghan as he is known to normal people. Just an average day in his life of riding bikes all over the place. He is set to be at the head of a long line of Irish kids who are gonna make an impact on the International Mtb scene if they get the right backing.

The second clip is of a load of messers or ‘pinners’ as they would say having the craic on some DH trails. Now im not as cool as any of these guys cos they seem like winners both on and off the track….except for that lad at the back who keeps falling off…Any guess who he is?

Keep an eye on their Vimeo page for more clips.


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