I was very lucky to attend the launch of the new Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed game on Friday in Dublins Weston Airfield. This event would actually see members of the Gaming Press and Media get their first chance to experience the game and the thrills of Drifting first hand with the help of the Prodrift Drift Academy. The setup was really good with full use of the taxi runway at Weston which features plenty of run-off space for these new learners.

More on this in a later post…..madness altogether!

Along with some other bloggers(Juicebox and Fresh Fix Crew) and driver Martin Ffrench we got our hands on trying the game up close. After a bit of messing around some of the guys got serious with setting up cars and trying some of the different tracks. As i am not a crazed gamer who spends every night in a purpose built simulator rig in my front room i was lost at this stage and opted to listen to the advise of Falken Tire’s Formula D Champion Vaughn Gitten Jnr to get me around some of the many stages. I even got to drift the famous bank at irwindale in a little turbo AE86. Now like many before me i spent more time in the way but overall it was a great experience. Even the Voice of FD Jrod can be heard screaming ‘Send it’.

My overall impression of the game is that it will suit all levels of player from myself who used some of the aids to drivers like Ffrenchy who had them all off and was fully commited just like real life. It will be very interesting to see if it can surpass its opponents like Forza and GT5.

Martin Ffrench gets to grips with the new game.

Paddy Mc Grath surveys the latest Team NFS Dmac86 in the distance.

Drift coach for the day Christy Carpenter showing off some of his new sponsors for 2011.

The game hits shelves on April 1st so make sure you grab it and make your own mind up. With the online capabilities this is set to be a winner. Many thanks goes to Sarah and all at O Leary PR for the great day, Paddy Mc Grath at and the Prodrift Academy for providing some entertainment.

More info at:

More images here


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