Ive been trying to get fit again lately so ive been putting in the miles on the bike. All has gone well so far i.e. as in i can still pedal but not as fast as i used to. During the winter i have trained on the road doing long 100K plus spins in prep for the Wicklow 200 event happening in July which is 200kms in one day. Im hoping to do it in under 8hrs. Im also back into Mountain Biking too. Originally i started back riding Downhill cos that is ‘easy’ and you dont need to be fit(yeah right) but i didnt get the thrill or satisfaction i used to get. I wasnt feeling all the walking up the hills. So i would  describe myself as an ‘All-Mountain Rider’ which is kinda like a downhiller who rides up the hill which to me is simply just a ‘Mountain Biker’…hahaha.

This last weekend i decided to enter the Irish XC NPS Rd1 in Bellurgan, Co Louth. The track was great but had a very Trail Centre feel to it and not a race track as their was not many places to actually pass out(not that i did much of that). It ran through a Garlic farm which gave me a surprise cos of the smell. As the race went on it got worse too.

Joining me in this suffering was Hoppo, Team leader of  ‘Team Awesome’ who had a great race to finish in 6th. He just seems to have the fighting spirit i am lacking at the minute. Hes very hard on himself thou if he doesnt do well. I need to get a turn of speed to keep with him.

I eventually finished 25th and was well down. A crash on the first lap didnt help and headbutting a low lying tree which nearly knocked me out put me in a daze for the rest of the day. But overall i really enjoyed it and will be back for more pain. Just need to get me a light hardtail bike and ill be sorted….oh and maybe real fit and climbing legs and eye of the tiger……and talent…hahahaha.

There was over 250 riders which was an amazing turnout proving my point that ‘Gym’s’ are dead and the recession has brought people back to the outdoors. Well done the Irish Banks at least you will create future Olympic MTB Champions.

All the pics came from the ‘Godfather of MTB’ in Ireland Richie Byrne you can check his take on the event here. I even get a good slaggin in there…tanx.


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