The drift season officially started today with the first round of Prodrift taking place in Ennis. Nigel Colfer wanted to start back with a bang(not what you think but he did hit the wall hard in practice today) so gave his car a unique touch. Thinking out of the box he opted to wrap the roof of his 180sx in this funky Zebra print. I was telling him about this vinyl that i had used to wrap a bike ages ago and he thought it could be a cool idea to try in to the drift car.

We started with the roof and then worked onto the pillars to give it a more wrapped feel.

Then we moved onto the headlight covers to try tie it into the rest of the car….

To finish it off we attacked the front diffuser that Nigel had made….

Now its not gonna be to everybodies taste but you have to think outside the box sometime. It ties in with the matt black very well. To finish it off Nigel stickerbombed the wing mirrors and spoiler end plates.

Here is the overall look of the car to show you it all tied in. Lets hope it stays in one piece for the rest of the season. Best of luck Nigel.

Thanks to Jules at Chambers Performance for the use of his shop to work on the car.

More pics here.


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