Now when they said the track in Lady Dixon Park, Belfast was the fastest in the country i didnt think much of that statement. But when myself and Hoppo got there and did a lap we understood why they say it. Its got no let up or rest time on it at all. If you aint sprinting from corner to corner or ‘StarWars-ing’ your way through the trees you aint racing hard enuff. We got there nice and early so we could get a lap in before the real racing started. The we rested up.

The start was gonna be the key to staying outta trouble in this one. I managed to jump into the first singletrack in the Top 10 with Hoppo just ahead of me in the same group. He was racing for a championship so had to go up front and battle. I on the otherhand was looking to grab onto their coat tails and get dragged away from the chasers. This worked a treat.

The hardest part is keeping the speed up all the way around the lap. If you blinked you could lose 5 places straight away.

After the long 3 lap race Hoppo managed to stay in contention and grab a Top 10. I held on for a 12th position  after being caught by a few late chargers. It was a great event orgainised by XMTB and i will defo be back next year to try again.


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