With just one week to go to the Drift Allstars event in Malta i thought id post up some pics of what to expect when some of the travellers get there. The Island itself is situated just off the coast of Italy and his nice and warm all year round. When i was there last month it was hot but nowhere near as hot as the Dubai trip was. It wont be to hard on the cars. I do urge all the drivers to experience Malta for what it is and not just from the inside of your race helmet or in the bar. The sights are just unreal. The old cities and dusty terrain lend themselves to many a famous movie. The event hotel is stunning.

The cities really came alive at night when the sandstone was lite up by the street lights. For me the highlight was the harbour area in the main city of Valletta. My hosts Adrian and George knew i had an interest and wanted to showcase their city to me.

Wonder if this would get me home????

A traditional boat of Malta.

Keep an eye out for these colourful buses around the island.

The rich and famous hang out around here…….

The last thing that amazed me was the gardens and public areas around the hotel. Flowers, plants and animals all living side by side in one of the gardens located beside the Presidents Residence.

For more pics of the trip click here

Drift Allstars Malta Event info



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