A normal Sunday spin on my Mountain Bike with Keith has turned out to be a lesson in more ways than one. As with any cycle i always try push myself to be better. On this particular Sunday 3Rock was packed with people for the first ever Demo Day on th trails which seen new mountain bikers and old try some new machines to see if they would like them. All the main players on the Bike Scene where there…Oc Tuning, Eurocycles, Giant, Lapierre, Cycle Inn and Bespoke. Myself and Keith had opted to hit the Off-Piste stuff first in the morning as they would be quiet and then finish on the Coilte Trail. Id hit this track about 100 times before at faster speeds. But one bit caught me out by total surprise. It sent me over the bars and i landed hard on my head and then down onto my side on a large rock slab. My bike tumbled down off a cliff that i had never seen there before.

Initially i was a bit winded from the crash and took a few mins to compose myself. Keith gathered my bike from the bottom of the drop and gave it a once over. A few scrapes and a broken saddle but all was well. That Solid Acer can take a beating. We made our way down the rst of the trail and over to the gang at OC Tuning to give the bike a once over. All seemed well with me just maybe a few aches but i was grand. I chatted with  a few guys amd then hit the road to cycle home.

On the journey home things seemed grand until about 5 mins from home when i started to find it hard to focus and became dizzy on the bike. It can only be described as if i was light headed and wanted to get sick. When i reached home i could hardly focus and began to have sharp pains in my stomach. After about 20mins of talking waffle we decided it would be better for me to head to the hospital for a check up just incase. Now ive fallen plenty of times and broken all sorts in my body but this felt a bit different. Straight to St Vincents where they brought me in and assessed me. From there it was obvious that things where not right. My stomach had now become hard and swollen around my kidneys and my headaches where getting worse.

As a precausion the doctors put me on a spinal board and neck restraint. The blow to the head was making me drowsy and until they knew what was causing it. I had an ultrasound with showed i was not pregnant but had some clouding around the stomach. The spleen was intact. Next was an Xray on my neck and spine. My shoulder had taken a big hit too so that was checked but it felt like an old injury i had so i wasnt too concerned with that at the min. The Xrays came back as ok on my spine but inconclusive on my neck.  A couple of hours later i was back in for another Xray with the help of the doctors to pull my neck straight and it releaved some of the head pains i had. All this from a little fall just shows that you cant be to careful.

With the swelling in my stomach the doctors sent me off for a CT Scan next. This was to check on my kidneys and other internal organs. The first scan couldnt show them what they needed so it was back in the next morning for another scan with the fluids in by bloodstream. This made it easier for them to seem the bruised and battered parts.

After 2 days in the A&E i finally got the all clear from the doctors. Severe bruising of my kidneys and stomach, bruised shoulder and arm and a head that has seen better days. I was a very lucky man and it could have been alot worse. They moral of the story is to always wear protection and ride within your limits. If you do fall always check everything out and remember head injuries can be very dangerous. I was a lucky one. Thanks for all the support and best wishes since the crash. Ill be back to full strength in the coming week if i have my way.


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