So exactly 2 weeks after the crash i got myself back on the Mountain Bike for the first time. On Sunday myself and Louise decided to hit the scene of the crime for an easy cycle. Well i had planned on heading out myself but Louise opted to join me to keep an eye on me as we are only 4 weeks from the ‘Big Day’ and she didnt want visiting me in Hospital again. The injuries that i had suffered initially from the crash had taken their toll on me in the last 10 days but after alot of the swelling had gone down i was becoming more mobile. Ive learned so much about the body in this last week especially. My ‘bodily functions’ have returned to normal and my head has become alot clearer and i can focus more on stuff which is a great thing. Its weird when you take a bump to the head how your attitude becomes very ‘ratty’ and you snap at people alot more, gladly now i am coming out of that…hahaha.

Two things have now become apparent from the crash. My shoulder injury is now a return of an injury i recieved last year which happened falling off a Motocross bike. I have torn my Rotator Cuff in my right shoulder which has been giving me severe pain along with a pain in my stomach and my kidneys/side.  To combat this and to make sure i can ‘race’ at the National Championships this year in Killruddery (2 weeks away) i have called in the help of a good friend Conor Greally who is studying to become a Sports Physiotherpists at the moment. My first appointment with him was last Monday where he asset me and i told him what hurt. Straight away we got into what each of the muscles and the body does when you have a crash of this nature. Its amazing to find out how the body reacts to protect itself during pain. One of the first things we addressed was the pain in my stomach area. After showing Conor the pain areas and putting that pain into a scale of 1-10 he asked me if there was anything else causing problems. I explained to him that i couldnt lift up my right leg to put on socks or shoes and that the pain would shoot up my leg to my tummy and back. Instantly Conor knew what the issue was and started to explain that a muscle from the leg runs up your thigh and across your groin and into the stomach. Everytime i tried to lift my leg it was sending a sharp pain to my tummy. He worked on the muscle and after about 15mins it started to relax enough not to be pulling as much anymore. After an impact your muscles lock up to protect that area and stop you doing anymore damage. Sadly they dont know when to stop protecting you so you have to help them to relax again.

After sorting that we moved onto the troubled shoulder. Conor started by working on the 4 main muscles which join to the top of the Humerus. I had only about 20% movement in my shoulder and a pain rating of about 8/10. The trouble spots where the Teres Major, Teres Minor, Infraspinatus and Supraspinatus. All of which crossed eachother and joined at the Rotator Cuff. Conor remarked that they where rock solid and he really had to work them hard to relax them. The pain was very bad but he had to break them down. By the end of the session i had returned to having about 80%  movement but still alot of pain. I returned to Conor on the Friday to try another session and see if i could start to get better movement and back on my bike. The severe pain had returned but i stull had movement which was great. My arm strength was at about 30% thou which was gonna take a bit of time to recover. Conor once again did his magic and the session went great. So much so that 14 days after the crash i have got back on the bike. For the last 2 days i have been riding offroad for about 50-60mins at a time to ease myself in. The shoulder has no strength and im finding it difficult to take the medium to big hits. I cant lift the handlebars in anyway so have to just bash through stuff til i can jump the bike again. The legs feel good thou and im hoping i can be back up to speed for the 17th July.

Rocking out my ‘Stay Strong Stephen Murray’ jersey on my first day back.

A big massive thanks to Conor Greally for the physio work and Louise, my Mam and Sister for putting up with me.


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