The Champs was great this year. Run by Epic Dh and Flow in Carrick it had everything from dust and sun to fast and flowing singletrack. I was at the event helping out OC Tuning/Solid Bikes/Fox Suspension. The pit set up was on a par with any of the World Cup Teams and offered support to all the sponsored and associated riders to OC.

Fox Suspension was put to the test all weekend and James was onhand to make sure all the riders spent as much time on track as possible.

After a long day James deserved a special brew of OC Carlsberg.

For this year i chose not to film or photo the event as when i do it i dont get to see much of the racing but i did catch some of the Dual Slalom action.

After that i just grabbed a few lifestyle pics to capture the people of the Irish Dh Scene.

The loudest kid on the hill….Kyle O C

The sickest man on the hill that weekend….Darren Quille

The only pirate on the hill…..Seanan O Riordan

The man that ran the hill…..Adam Tynan

The wildest Kat on the hill….Rob Davis

The most Awesome on the hill….Ronan Hopkins

More madness here.


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