I had the pleasure of working with The Athertons and Redbull at the weekend thanks to the Godfather of Irish Mountain Biking Richie Byrne. Redbull had come on board with their Foxhunt event to run alongside ‘The Blast’ and would be filming a Viral plus the Redbull Bulletins Tv show for an up coming episode. When Richie asked me to help out i was delighted to step up. I rounded up an bunch of Irelands top riders and worked with the director and crew on some concepts that would be deadly. They really pulled out all the stops with a full crew shooting on cine cams and bullet cams. They even cracked out a few glide cams and zip lines. But to top it all off the Helicopter was on hand to catch the it all from the air.

The morning started off with the intro shots which involved a Foxhunter and his dogs racing through the forest on a hunt. The drizzle and low lying mist added to the shoot perfectly. Then the riders joined in to add to ‘the pack’.  This scene will look great when the clip is aired. 

When we had that scene in the can we moved onto the action shots on the track. After some shooting with a large pack of riders and Gee chasing them down the director wanted to get some close up shots with 3 of Irelands leading riders. Greg Callaghan, Niall Davis and Gav Carroll battled with the Athertons infront of the lens.


The guys did a great job and really impressed the director with their skills and ability to perform on command like true professionals.

Gee and Gav look at the massive drop that i built with Richie Byrne for the feature.

It was a great experience to work with all the guys and id like to thank Richie Byrne, Shane Sutton(director), Al Redmond(Redbull), Gee and Dan Atherton, Greg Callaghan, Niall Davis, Gav Carroll, Ronan Hopkins, Dave Egan, Ben Kennedy, Rob Davis, Gav O Connell and anyone else that helped out on the day. Ill post up the video when it launches. Watch out for Bulletins Tv too when it appears on RTE 2 in the near future.

Full report here on Redbull site

Pics with thanks to: Redbull Content Pool, Mad Max and Llandi.


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