What a way to start my biking life here in Vancouver by jumping in at the deep end. Any Mountain Biker will know how famous the North Shore is. Its where all the cool videos come from, where all the bikes are developed, ‘North Shore’ was born here and the best freeriders come from here. Well i have been lucky enough to be living 20mins ride from the foot of Mount Fromme. One thing about Vancouver is that it is full of Irish and thanks to the power of friends and Facebook i am lucky to meet up with some of them since ive got here.

Sean Travers and his friend Kevin brought me out on my first spin here on Friday. I had packed my Solid Acer hardtail which was the wrong choice but made the experience all that more ‘enjoyable’. The trails are just unbelievable and so technical compared to back at home. A weeks riding here will make you so much better than a summer up 3Rock.

Pipeline Trail.

All the trails are man-made to make them last over the years so no slop like at home. Pipeline was one of the trails i rode. Its got lots of slab/rocky stuff including this triple drop down in the pic above. Its a long track with different levels of steepness. There is plenty of skinnys on it too.

Pipeline Trail.

Bobsled Trail.

Bobsled was the first one i rode. Its fast flowing with berms and stepdowns. I really like it as the hardtail soaked it up. Its like the 3Rock Coillte but wider and way cooler. A great starter trail for a North Shore Virgin like me.

Seventh Secret Trail.

Seventh Secret starts at the top of Mt Fromme and works its way down the hill joining onto Pipeline and other trails. Like the others its steep and full of many feature. I didnt take any pics as i was too busy riding so grabbed some pics of Pinkbike to give you an idea. 

Ill update any other stuff i ride. Next up im waiting for the snow further up the mountains so i can learn to snowboard :). 




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