If you have ever watched the Tour De France or some Mountain Bike World Cups you may have seen a sticker on some helmets and bikes that read “I Ride for Tyler Blick”. Well Young Tyler is the son of Steve Blick who works with Oakley as their Athlete Manager. His son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2010 and the family immediately started on a tough road to recovery. Steve wanted to make people aware of his sons sickness and used his friends to promote a benefit he was organising to raise money for Tylers medical bills.

Greg Minaars helmet sporting Tylers sticker.

Axel Merckx “I Ride For” Bike.

Cerdic Gracia’s Brake Cables.

Steve and his wife have now started a charity called “I Ride for the Kids” which also has a website to help families dealing with cancer and the changes it brings to their life. Check out the site http://irideforthekids.com/ or run a twibbon on your Twitter to promote the charity.


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