The winter has finally come here in Vancouver. The Ski Resorts are open since mid last week and the snow is creeping down the hillside towards Downtown Vancouver. On Saturday I decided not to follow the pack and hit the slopes, instead I met up with Ken and his Industry buddies from Rocky Mountain Bikes for a dash around Mt Fromme. The plan was to ride up from lower North Van so that I was warmed up before we hit the hills. We didnt know how far the snow had come down the mountain.

As we climbed up the light covering had turned to full on snow coverage.

This was meant to be the first Off-Road outing for my GoPro but sadly I had left it on photo mode :(. I will learn and promise to have it on video for next trip. Im still riding my Solid Acer over here and it was at home in the snow and ice. All the other guys were riding ‘standard issue’ North Shore bikes which have 5″ all round. Nothing less than this is acceptable. One of the guys Pete was riding a 29er Rocky Mountain Slayer and it was amazing to watch riding over the rocky and rooty flowing trails. Its opened my eyes to the whole 9er thing as the difference on that type of terrain is so noticeable.  Just doesnt seem to want to stop rolling.

We rode down ‘Ladies Only’ which was covered in snow and ice. The wood features and rocks got the most attention.

After getting down safely we headed across another trail on Baden Powell and down something that resembled an Irish style singletrack. This was a great little trail with plenty of ups and downs and nice technical sections.

It was a great spin in the end and I look forward to more in the near future with a cool gang of guys. Im starting to look at Full Suspension options at the minute and will let you know more when I decide what to get. Next time I promise GoPro footage.


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