I had a deadly day out on the bikes with Kevin and Ed on Saturday up in Squamish…Squamton…..Squamtanimo Bay or whatever the locals like to call it. Squamish is packed with some of the best singletracks and routes I have ever seen. The local Mountain Bike group are very proactive and the region really supports bikes. After recent issues in Ireland they could learn a thing or two about co-existing together.

We managed to put 32km’s up on the clock in what seemed like one of the coldest days ive experienced here. The views warmed up the spin nicely. The singletracks and trails varied in style but all put a smile on my face. Kev informed me that alot of these tracks are used in ‘The Test of Metal’ Mtb race which I am hoping to ride in 2012.

One of the first tracks we hit was ‘Half Nelson’ which was build by Big Red Ted Tempany who’s famous for his course building on the ‘RedBull Rampage’. The 3km trail has 102 jumps, 68 berms and a few wooden bridges thrown in to keep you on your toes. I was riding my Solid Acer Xc bike and wished I had a little 4′ trail bike to blast down it. Its nice and smooth but has some annoying uphill bits that make it hard to clear some of the jumps if you dont know they are around the bend.

I managed to get some footage of the run to show you how nice it is.

Read what PinkBike had to say about ‘Half Nelson’ here.

Amazing sights to be seen.

Until the next adventure….stay tuned.



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