Mt Fromme is my new 3Rock for all the Irish folks that tune into the blog. Its the local mountain to me and only 20mins bike ride away. It sadly doesnt have a Blue Light Pub but has the same craic and is just like the Coillte trails back home……well not exactly. They have the goobers all over them as they are right beside the city but have some of the most technical man made trails ive ever ridden.

Today the conditions were perfect. It has been so dry and cold all week that it was like a summers day riding but with a -1 to 0 degree coldness..haha. We rode some nice laomy ‘secret trails’ and then onto one of my favourites on the North Shore…….’Baden Powell’… I know the locals and the lads will slag me for that but I just like the XC style flow and technical climbs on it.

Anyway back to the fun stuff. The first bit of singletrack I ever rode in Vancouver was ‘Bobsled’ and thought that every other track would be like it. Sadly I was wrong. So today we hit it again for the fun of it. Its super flowy and smooth so the XC bike loves it. I popped the GoPro on to show you guys back home how real trail centre tracks should be.

More riding planned for tomorrow if the weather stays the same. And remember this winter guys ‘Dont skid on the trails….you want them to be there next year dont ya?’ A message from the trail erosion prevention society.



    1. Someboday said it was built by the girl guides or something to celebrate the visit of the queen to Canada way back when. It was hand built and goes on for about 30miles I think. So could be named after that lad. Ya know trying to impress him and get their ‘hole’ off him.

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