What a weekend of Biking. Saturday was jammed with plenty of singletrack action on Mt Fromme. Sunday we made the trip to Sunshine Coast on the boat to visit some of the sickest trails ive ever ridden. I had heard plenty of great things about the Coast and seen all the Coastal Crews deadly videos.

Joining me on the trip was Irish lads Ed Smith and Ross Rosengrave, local’s Ken, Dan and Kallyn. We planned some shuttle runs of all the local’s best trails. I cant remember the name of most of them as I was giggling like a little girl at the end of each one.

I had brought my XC bike once again as it was all I have over here. Luckily I have some great friends and I managed to try out some great new bikes. Dan from Different Bikes had brought along his Giant Glory 01 and the new Norco Aurum DH bikes and I really loved blasting them down the hill.

Ill do a head to head review in another post to give you my verdict. Lets say I was surprised at my findings.

Here is some GoPro footage of me riding the Glory.

To finish off the day we rode to the top of a ridge which looked over the Island and back towards Vancouver City. From there we descended for about 45mins down to the ferry on what can only be described as some of the best benchcutting ive seen. The trail just went on forever. I wish id of had a bigger SD card to capture the footage.

Thanks to all the gang for providing me with one of the best days ive had on the bike in many years.


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