Last Saturday I grabbed my camera and hit Downtown Vancouver armed with just my fixed 50mm lens and the urge to seek out the real City.

Looking over the Bay from North Vancouver you can see the city scape towering over the riverside. Everyday I look at this and it still makes me feel warm inside knowing the hussle and bustle is just across the way if I wish to join the rat race.

One of the biggest ship builders in Canada is right at the bottom of my street. Its home to one of the Worlds most expensive privately owned Cruisers. The old Shipyard is being renovated at the moment and features some real cool historical installations.

Vancouver has a huge mix of people and that is what I really like about it. Mr T’s son is know to take the Seabus evry once in a while…haha.

I posted some pictures of these electrical boxes a few weeks ago on Facebook. They have been designed by students in college and the city has vinyl wrapped them onto the boxes on Granville St.

One thing I noticed straight away when I landed in Vancouver was the amount of Homeless people on the streets. Hasting St is the epicenter for them to gather. I snapped this picture as people were looking in the window of a Jewellery Store picking out Diamonds and Gold. Not one person looked behind them to see a Homeless man lying on the grate above the subway to keep warm.

Christmas time brings out some funny sights. Above I came across this Homeless man searching in a bin in a lane way off Granville. He is in full holiday spirit by wearing his Santa hat. But his beard is all year round not just for xmas.

On the other hand some people are making a statement about the real reason for celebrating Christmas.

This man was feeding the birds and was like the old lady in Home Alone.

I see this man every time I head into Downtown. We always stop to chat to him as he has a beautiful dog who is his companion. The huge dog protects his owner if anyone comes too near.

Protesters on the steps of City Cathedral.

More Electrical Box Art.

One thing not to forget about Vancouver is that there is alot of money in this town.

Some tend to show it off more than others.

More Pic’s Here


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