Last weekend got pretty hectic. Im trying to step up the activities in prep for getting fit if Im to complete some of the goals I have set for 2012. The snow has fallen heavy here this week which makes getting out on the bike a bit hard. After riding SFU last Sunday and Tuesday night I hit up Symour Valley which leads to the Seymour Damn for a nice spin with Sean.

What we thought would be an easy spin turned out to be deep in snow and ice. We venturned on up the valley as far as we could and came across some amazing views along the way.

The temps dropped the further we went up the valley and away from sea level. This meant the trails and roads had a thick layer of Ice on them following the rain we had the day before. We rode up past the Gazabo where Sean informed me of all the movies that were made here.


It was a great spin in the end and we clocked up 35km in these conditions. A nice base for January to get the ball rolling.

On Sunday myself and Louise tagged along with some of her Irish friends to try our hand at Cross Country Skiing. I had never used skis before so this was gonna be fun. Louise as usual picked it up quickly.

We did about 4km up around the Cypress Nordic Park. I could get the technique of the flat trails and the climbs but struggled with the steep downhills as these things dont have brakes. This would be great for some cross training in the off season. Roll on another busy week here in Vancouver for me. Im planning on getting out on the bike a few times this week before things get really crazy in work and I head off to California to work for a few weeks at the end of Feb. More on that when I can talk about it ;).


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