The weather was just fantastic in Vancouver last weekend. So good infact that we managed to get out for two great spins. On Saturday we headed up to the local mountain on the North Shore with the girls (Louise, Leanne and newbie Eimear) and a few of the Irish Guys (Paul, Alan and Sean). It was Eimear’s first day Mountain Biking and she had never ridden on the Shore before.

We brought her down Bobsled as its the smoothest trail on the hill and not too steep. The first time down she was going slowly and safely but I knew with some practice we could get her going faster with some confidence and help. Well she certainly did improve by the end of the day as we managed to half her time on the trail. Well Done Eimear.

Super blurry pic of the gang.

After all that hard work riding our bikes we deserved to treat ourselves to a meal made for champions so we hit a BBQ spot on Commerical Drive called Memphis Blues. I had tried it out a couple of months back and loved it. I went for the Brisket as it is sooo good. After all the calories I had burned earlier it didnt last long on the plate.

On Sunday I got out again but this time headed to Mount Seymour. This was the second time I got to ride her this week. Its a bit different to Fromme as the trails are a bit more natural. After a tough climb to the top we rode a trail called Ned’s. Its probably one of the most famous DH trails on the North Shore as its so demanding and long. I had a go of it on my XC bike and by the end of it everything was rattled in my body. I cant wait to have a big bike and able to enjoy all these trails and do some shuttle runs on the long summer nights.

I finished off the weekend with the sun going down over Downtown Vancouver and hoping that this was a sign of the summer ahead of me in British Colombia.



  1. Awesome dude stoked for you over there and well jealous of the amount of fabulous tracks you have on your door steps will definatly need to visit….

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