The weather in Vancouver has no idea what it is at this week. Everytime I go to get on my bike the sky opens and a downpour ensues. So the miles were limited to a bit of a road spin and a ride around Fromme. The conditions went from dry and dusty last week to pure soakage this week.

With the snow on Fromme melting a bit it had to go somewhere. And nothing got in its way as it rushed down the mountain.

As I climbed up past the 5th Switchback the snow line appeared in front of me.

The recent rain had turned alot of it to slush. The trails are overrun with water and ice and all of the wood features were so slippy and sketchy.

The Spring is finally here and can only mean one thing……More biking and more fun. Vancouver you amaze me more veryday. Even on the shitty days the rain is better than anywhere in the world.


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