The weather took another twist on Sunday and gave us beautiful sunshine and clear skies. Myself and Louise decided to see a bit more of Vancouver and took a trip over to Yaletown and Granville Island. Yaletown is the uppermarket part of Downtown with high rise Apartment blocks and a nearly nice waterfront that looks out towards the Olympic Vallage and Granville area.

The buildings are very modern and have glass frontage.

We are used to taking the Seabus over from North Van but in Granville they do things differently.

You can jump on one of these little babies and work your way down the river or across to Granville Island.

The Island is famous for its Market and Street Performers. The selection of food available from the vendors is so International that you could eat your way around the World in one seating.

You really do find some odd things out there thou…..

I really like the old Granville St Bridge as it reminds me of being in New York from the underneath. The metal bracing and cement base show up great in this monochrome picture.

Another great weekend in Vancouver. Im loving exploring this amazing place with Louise.


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