For years I have wanted to go and experience AMA Supercross in person. But sadly my schedule and trips to California never lead to me attending. Luckily this year I was able to make the trip down from Vancouver to the Seattle event which is Round 15 of 17 in the series.

I made the trip down with Sean and Dave as we had been talking about it for ages. We crossed over the border and headed on down to Seattle.

But we didnt get far over the border and our bellys where calling out for food. We stopped off in Bellingham to hit a local favourite with travelling mountain bikers. If you have been following the blog since the begining you will know I have a love of mexican food. We hit up Casa Que Pasa and got some Burrito’s. It was well tasty and kept us going for the day.

Arm in picture for reference……

When we arrived we where greeted by a large paddock area packed with all the top teams. It reminded me of the old days attending Formula Drift events. Then I walked around the corner and came across this sitting on Falken Tires stand.

I have to say the show that Supercross put on is timed to the second and so professional. Drift events could learn so much from attending a Feld Motorsport gig.

The crossover from Mountain Bikes to Motocross has been more evident this year. Nearly all the riders now use Mountain Bikes to crosstrain. Specialized Bikes have been at the forefront supplying alot of the top riders thanks to former Motocross legend Johnny O Mara taking up bike riding after retiring and working with Specialized bikes closely. Riders like Jeremy Mc Grath, Chad Reed, Dean Wilson, Ken Roczen, Ryan Villopoto and many more use bikes to warm up pre event too.

Enough of that now onto the main event…..

With all the injuries and Villopoto going out on the first lap of the Main. It was down to Andrew Short to take the win. Ryan Sipes also came back from injury to win the Lites. I cant wait to attend another Round soon. I can see this becoming an Annual trip now.

Ohhh…….and If you follow the Dirt Shark on Youtube I managed to PAP him and get a pic…….Lurkin in his orange beanie.


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