This week I met up with Gary Davoren (MBW) and Andrew Whelton from back home in Ireland after they had just finished the BC Bike Race here in British Colombia. Firstly congrats to the guys for finishing the epic race and I hope they return next year with alot more Irish riders to test out the Best Singletrack Race in the World. So after a few days ‘recovery’ in Whistler the guys made their way back down to the North Shore to hang out. They asked me to show them some of the famous North Shore Trails and of course I obliged. We headed to Fromme with was where the Shore movement started. With the 20th anniversary of ‘Ladies Only’ singletrack last week I decided to bring them down that and a few other famous trails.

The boys put their Kona Satori 29ers to the test on the tight techy trail. Wood features and rollercoasters galore all over the trail.

The boys got used to the wood after a week on the bike race and really enjoyed the riding.

Gary even attacked the pond on Ladies with ease.

It was great to hang out with the guys and I hope they return next year to do the race as I will be joining them on the startline.


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