By now you have seen the review of the Trance X 29 I did. The trip I took to test the bike was to Pemberton, British Colombia. It was a spectacular region to visit and the heat was unbearable compared to North Vancouver. On the first day we rode closer to the town and on some of the trails used in the Nimby 50 race.

The climb up the switchbacks was great. Technical and steep.

The sights were awesome. The snow capped mountains were a sample of what we would be experiencing on the second day.

All that was left from the first day was to head back to the hotel, take a dip in the pool and grab some dinner with all the other Giant Retailers and rest before our big adventure the next day.

Roll on Thursday morning and it was an early start to head to Blackcomb Avation HQ to sign the waivers and get the safety talk about our transport for the day.

Once we got all the crew together we headed out to the base of the mountain so we could be picked up by the Heli and dropped up at the peak of Mount Barbour.

Up, Up and away. This was my first time in a Helicopter so I got the front seat. The view was great and the ride was so smooth.

When we got to the top all I could do was look around at the views while we waited for the rest of the guys and the bikes to arrive.

Nice IPhone Pano Pic.

The Heli coming in for the second drop of riders to the peak.

The man with the plan. Colby Large from Giant Bicycles.

Representing Steed Cycles on Top Of  The World.

The first drop down off the peak. Scree and sharp rocks.

Then down onto the snow that had not metled over the summer.

The Trance X 29 in its element.

The first valley we dropped into was picturesque. It would lead us down to the lake and our Lunch stop.

The final downhill brought us back to the pick up spot. This is were I had a spill and decided to cut my arm up but luckily didnt break anything. Just a few cuts and bruises.

As usual I had the trust GoPro with me to capture the fun. Here is part 1:

Ill post the rest of the footage when I get around to uploading it.


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