Things have been so busy here in Vancouver that I havent had time to update the blog and get footage and pictures up. Last month Dave McNeill made the trip up from California to ride some bikes in a 3 day whirlwind trip. In those 3 days we managed to tour Whistler Bike Park, Squamish and the North Shore.

While in Whistler we took a trip up to the peak to ride ‘Top of the World’ in the Alpine area. It was sunny but chilly when we got up there. The views where amazing. Kev joined myself and Dave to guide us down some of the trail.

When we got down of the top part we ventured off the Park land and headed down ‘Ride Don’t Slide’ which we super steep and brought us down to Creekside just outside Whistler Village.

With the park closing in just over 2 weeks I doubt I will get back up again this season but one thing is for sure, next year when the trail is built to go all the way down to the top of Garbonzo and is all singletrack it will be deadly. As usual I caught some action on the GoPro and it is below to have a look. Sadly my forks had packed in during the day and didnt seem to be moving that much. So I really felt it in my arms and hands.


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