Photo by Scott Sportsman.

My second Cyclocross Race of the season was last Sunday and apart of the double header weekend of action in Vancouver. The venue this time was Vanier Park just under the Burrard Bridge in the beautiful Kitsilano. When I arrived in Vancouver this time last year I attended this exact race to watch the action. Back then I said to myself that I would try to race it in 2012.

After Saturdays race I had tired legs but still felt positive about doing well. I pre rode the course with Dan Gronross and knew it was going to be fast. There was no big climbs but it did have some long flat straights that would require some speed and strength. This time I managed to get onto the second row on the grid at the start. After the first corner I tucked into about 6th from the front and watched the race unfold in front of me. The pace was fast for the first two laps as people tossled for positions. Once it settled a group of 4 broke away at the front. We all pushed hard to stay away from the pack. As it spread out a bit there was a break out the front and I couldnt get onto the wheel. I spent the next few laps trying to get back on but to no luck. As we neared the end of the race I managed to get back onto the wheel of 3rd place but he was too strong in the last sprint to the line and I had to settle for 4th place. I was really happy as I learned so much from the race that I can use in future races. I was also happy as my lap times were all within 5 seconds of eachother which showed that I was as strong at the beginning of the race as at the end. I feel its only a matter of time before I reach the top spot on the Podium. Who knows maybe at the BC Championships or the Canadian Cyclocross Championships coming up in November?


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