This week saw me hit the One Year mark of riding on the North Shore. I can still remember that very first time like it was yesterday. I was fresh in Vancouver just over a week and Sean Traver’s was the man who said he would show me ‘The Shore’. Back then I was riding my Solid hardtail bike with 4 inch forks. I had a good base fitness from riding back at home and told Sean I fancied a bit of a spin. Sean picked me up and we headed to Fromme Mountain which was just 20mins away from where we moved to.

We met up with Kevin who was another Ex-Pat and made our way up the climb at Fromme. We went all the way tothe 7th switchback and had a little rest before we dropped into ‘Seventh Secret’. Now at this point I must say that I had never ridden on trails like this ever before and the lads who have been riding here for a few years forgot this fact. The rocky switchback and armour built trails in the wet conditions really made life difficult for me. We rode down Seventh and onto Leopard. From there we hit Krinkum Krankum and down to Griffin. It had to be one of the worst cycling experiences of my life. The whole way down I was having ill thoughts like “Why the hell am I doing this?” “Did I make a big mistake moving to Vancouver to ride bikes?” “WTF is this wooden skinny thing?”
By the end I was so annoyed and couldn’t understand why the trails where not like back home. By this time the lads asked me what I thought and I replied “Great” but as soon as I got home I said to Louise “I think we have made a mistake, I hate the trails, they are soo hard and I kept falling off”.
Well that was a year ago and how things have changed. I no longer fear the shore and love showing new people the challenges that the shore has. To celebrate my first year on the shore myself and Sean rode the same route last week but this time it was in the dark and at a way faster pace. It is a true testament of how much you learn riding in BC and how much of a better rider I have become.


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