Oh yeah the season is going great. Last weekend seen the Canadian Cyclocross Champs and BC Grand Prix take place in Surrey, BC. Sadly I couldnt race the Champs but was all prepped for the GP. So come Sunday I was ready to rock for the Challenge Race at the BC GP. The race course had changed slightly from the day before and was full of longer straights and no long run ups. I had a feeling the drag on the road at the Start/Finish would not suit my strengths. For once I managed to be seeded on the front row for the start. I picked the right side as I would be able to tuck in against the barriers on the climb up the road and that it would put me on the inside for the first turn.

Boom went the gun and we were off. I had a strong sprint and went out front but didnt not want to be there. I slowed up a small bit and let two big guys come by and I tooked in behind them to break the headwind. Over the first hurdles I was feeling strong and moved up to second. Into the dirt jumps for the first time I powerd by first and was out front. I had good legs so put in a big push to break it up more. Two riders came with me and we put a big gap in. Three laps in we dropped one rider and it was down to myself and a rider from Portland, Oregon. He was strong on the flats and got away from me on the drag up the road. On the final lap I caught up with him and we both sprinted the last half of the lap right to the line were he was that bit too strong for me. Pipped at the line once again. Second place was still great thou.


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