The BC Cyclocross season is finally over. My first season racing is done and dusted. It has been a great experience racing with all the Steed Cycles Team. My results have given me confidence to move on next year in both XC and CX. Its time to make the big move up and hang with the big boys in 2013. Next season is looking very exciting and I will share more news when I can.

So last race of the year and it was the BC Cup Finals back out in Surrey. The course was fast and very flat with 3 sandpits, a run up and and a set of barriers. For some reason after all my recent great results I was placed on the second row instead of on the front. The CAT 3/4 guys filled the front row and my main competitor Benjamin Schmit was right up there. He’s been very strong all season and I knew I would have to past most of the 3/4 riders to get his wheel or I could forget about it.

The long drag off the startline meant I could get the power down and onto the wheel of the leaders. I sat into 4th place at the back of a break away group and watched the guys on the run up and sidehill. When we hit the first sandpit the two riders in front of me bobbled a bit so I rode around them and chased my nemisis down. We both rode away on the next lap until I had a slide off on a turn just before a steep hill which meant I had to run up and lost some time. That mistake was enough for the leader to open up a gap and get away from me. 13 seconds was all he had on me but he held it til the end. 2nd place once again. A great finish to the end of the year.

There was a heckle section after the second sandpit with hand ups of maple syurp and bacon. I was too focused chasing to take one and then fell victim to the hecklers. Ah well I’ll have to oblige the next time.

Speaking of hand ups check out these funny PSA’s from CrossHair’s


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