Heads Up people expect alot of blog posts over the next few days as I am just back from LA where I attended the Supercross Event at Anaheim. The race was great and we managed to stop by some old haunts along the way. I travelled with Sean Travers and Phil from Steed Cycles. I wanted to show them some sights so we started off with Oakley and then moved onto Troy Lee Designs in Laguna Beach. We had been lucky to be hooked up by TLD Canada for the main event but stopped by to view the shop.

When we walked in we were greeted by the new A1 Helmet that had launched on Feb 4th.

The All Mountain lid is really good and offers more protection than many out there. The lower rear section covers all the vital areas and still has plenty of venting to keep you cool.

The helmet above is where it all started for me as a Troy Lee Fan. Its one of John Tomac’s Bell Bellistic’s. I had always liked the Shoei lids that Troy made stickers for but this was the first custom lid I had really known.

Mc Queen/Gulf inspired race graphics. Judging by the white number background I presume this was Ben Townleys old Outdoor bike from a few years back.

While there we met Troy Lee’s casual clothing designer Mondo who gave us the lowdown on some signature designs and what the future holds for TLD. It all sounds very exciting and he was a real cool dude. I picked up some cool swag too which I will post up in a future blog.


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