The race season is upon us once again and the first outing for myself was the Dirty Duo Race in North Vancouver. It is a Run and Mountain Bike race. It was my first time to do the race and opted to do the ride only. Its a 28km loop that takes in some of Mount Seymour’s toughest singletrack’s. Leading up to the race I did a pre-ride with Branden to check out the conditions and it was riding fast. The weather was set to dry and it did not dissapoint. Sadly I was coming down with a cold leading up to the race and didnt feel the best on the morning. But you just have to deal with what you are given. The plan was to try get in the top 10 and be under 2hrs.

Branden, Myself and Conor just before the start.

The race started off from Jayce House and rolled up the road at a moderate pace. Until we hit the cemetary and the riders at the head of the group put the hammer down and pushed it up to Richard Juryn and onto the Gazabo. They pulled a gap on my group as we headed to Circuit 8. I got sloppy in there and took two falls on the descent trying to catch the riders up front. Once I hit the Fishersman Trail I composed myself and set into a good pace.

From the Twin Bridges it is nearly all the way upward to the top of NEDS. So I set off up Hyannis Trail and onto Bridal Path and started to pick off the riders infront of me. I was riding a Santa Cruz Tallboy LTC which was great across the rough path. After a fast downhill to the bottom of Old Buck the hard climbing really starts. I could see a group of riders infront on the long climb so put in an effort and caught them before we turned onto the Baden Powell. From there it turns into a loose technical climb all the way to the top. The 29er steam rolled over the fist sized rocks and I was up at NEDS quickly.

I dropped the reverb and opened up the suspension and attacked the bone rattling downhill. This was my second time riding the trail but absolutely loved it. I was catching riders and runners and by the time I hit the trail to Bottletop I was buzzing. Again it was my second time ever hitting that trail and I was flying on the super drifty trail. The big wheel just gives you so much confidence at speed. This brought me back down to the Twin Bridges and the ride back to the finish.

The big climb up to the gazabo was the last big push and then down the Lillooet Road back to the Richard Juryn Trail for the last kicker climb. I was feeling ok by the end of it but the start didnt do me anygood. I came in with a time of 2.04hrs. I was 4 mins over the time I had set so I was a bit annoyed as I could have pushed a bit harder at the end. I looked back over my Strava time for each section and was happy with the times on some trails.

Conor was flying at the start and managed to stay with the group for most of the race to finish in 6th with a 1.59hrs. Well done dude. Branden got a 2.15hrs.

Thanks to Scott Sportsman for cheering and taking some pics. Thanks Ruth for being at the top of Severed cheering us on too.


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