Last week I had the opportunity to test the new Santa Cruz Bronson 650b here on the Shore and in Squamish. I had a blast ripping it around the trails. It felt like it climbed a bit better than my Blur TRC and descended like my Nomad. The SPX build on the Carbon frame weighs in at 30lbs. It is fitted with 2.4 Maxxis High Roller EXO which are on the heavy side. With a nice tubeless tire set up this could be a nice sub 30 bike.

New features on this model include stealth Reverb access, 150mm travel and 142mm rear axle. Ive gotta say I really felt comfortable on this bike in all conditions and terrain. The bike really rolls well. Im gonna go out on a limb thou and say it is not the 650b (27.5) wheels. I think it is actually down to the new frame layout, slack head angle, steep seat angle and suspension tune.

The Strava does not lie….oh wait it probably does…..

Anyway I really enjoyed the ride and will probably ride it again given the chance. Sure it does what my Blur and Nomad do in one bike :).


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