I have to say it is great to have all these amazingly built trails in BC but recently I have been searching for some more natural terrain to ride. The mountain ranges around Vancouver have plenty to offer. In the last few weeks I have ventured off the beaten track and ridden some amazing natural trails.

One of the first trails I tried was Sagar (or Sterling’s as its know to some) which drops in from the Cypress Ski Hills down to Horseshoe Bay area. Its all natural and loamy. A change from some of the built stuff I have been riding. We all really enjoyed it.

One of the other trails we hit was above Mt Fromme and behind Grouse Mtn which overlooks Vancouver City. The long fireroad climb brought us up above the treeline and onto the rocky mountain tops.

Once up there we dropped down Bill’s Trail which brought us back to the 7th Switchback on Fromme and all the way down Seventh Secret, Espresso and the Baden Powell to the bottom.

Phil Brock dropping in off the top of Mt Fromme.

Me dropping in with a spectacular view behind me.

Nik Mertes slaying on his hard tail.

All these adventures have got me hoping for more for the rest of the summer. Hopefully in the coming weeks I can hit some new off the beaten track trails. Stay tuned for more adventures as I have friends visiting from Cali in August and Crankworx and plenty of Bike launches coming up.


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