I know I harp on about BC and how awesome it is to bike but recently I have had some amazing adventures this summer. Ive had more friends visit to take advantage of the great mountains and trails. August has been super busy, I had a few 2014 Bike Launches, Crankworx, Road Racing, a Chilcotins trip, my friend Dave visiting from California with a crew of buddies who needed some ‘guiding’ and lastly preparing for Cyclocross season.

Giant Bicycles launched their 2014 range including the new Trance 27.5. The new line up is amazing. Its gonna be a big year for Giant. The launch coincided with the Enduro World Championship in Whistler. I had a chance to talk to Adam Craig and Josh Carlson(who ive met a few times) about the new bike. They are loving it of course and I have to say its a great bike to ride. I got a few hours on it around Whistler and will hopefully get one for next season.

The other bike that I have been waiting for is the new TCX Advanced Disc. When I got there I made a B line for it and grabbed it to check it out. Its the first one in Canada and I will be riding it this season in Cyclocross (more on that in another post).

Next stop was Crankworx and this year it was off the hook. The crowds were massive. The Joyride was crazy. Soderstrom had it in the bag until the last jump. Once again taking 2nd. Semenuk had an awesome second run to clinch it infront of the home crowd.

On the Sunday we hit ‘Hecklers Rock’ for the Canadian Open DH. The people on the rock sure know how to heckle.

After a fun packed weekend it was back to Vancouver and time for me to try some Road Racing in preparation for Cyclocross season. I tried my luck at the Burnaby Tuesday Night World Championships.

I managed to stay in the pack and even tried to go away on the premie just for the ‘craic’.  Two weeks of racing was grand. I might try a bit of this Roadie stuff next year.

More in the next post about Chilcotins and McNeills visit.


One thought on “BICYCLING IN BC

  1. Hey Fuzz!
    Congratulations on the win. Looking forward to the 2014 Giant Anthem and Trance. I was planning on getting the “Anthem X 29er 1” next year so the 27.5 might well be a contender! Keep me updated when you get to test out these two new releases. Cheers, Bread

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