Things are in full swing right now. A few weeks ago I headed to Seattle to race in the Rapha Starcrossed Race. It was a UCI Cat 1 Race and I signed up for Masters 3 to see how I would go. The course was fast and very dry and used the velodrome and surrounding fields. After a sighting lap and warm up it was straight to staging for call ups. I managed to get onto the 3rd row which would help me get up there at the start which is very important.

The start was super fast but I managed to get up into the top 15 after the first turn. From there it was a sprint for the first lap. There was a little gap to a group at the front and then the group I was in. I got to the front of my group by the second lap and pushed to try bridge the gap. I didnt care that the others in my group sat on me as all I wanted to do was get across. Eventually some of them fell off and I was up to 10th. With two laps to go I was just 10 bike lengths off the back of the front group of 7 riders. I pushed as hard as I could but just couldnt get onto a wheel. They all worked super hard together. A single rider had broken off the front and was clear. The group from 2nd to 7th battled it out in the sprint and I came in just on the tail end. I was delighted to be in contention in a race of this stature. Ive had a strong start to the season and hope I can carry it on for the rest of the season.


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