Damn I should be hired by the BC Tourist Board for all the awesomeness I do in showing Irish people around the best bike trails in Vancouver. Last week I had my good friends James and Natalie ( visit and as per the norm I had to show them the trails on the Shore and in Whistler.

Top of the Bike Park with James, Louise and Natalie. DROPPING IN!!!!!!

We spend the day at the Bike Park and rode some of the fast flowy trails such as Crank It Up, B-Line, Heart of Darkness, A-Line, Ho Chi Min, Ninja Cougar, Wednesday Afternoon.

The Ridgeline all loaded up and ready for an adventure.

Aswell as the usual tourist stuff we got out on Mt Fromme and did some of the trails. The guys really enjoyed Bobsled and Floppy Bunny. James even got to ride a real bike… Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon.

Myself,  James and Rob on Fromme.

Louise jumping in the bike park at Whistler.

James #Prancercross in Vanier Park. 5 points for style.

James tried his luck at some Cyclocross (Its the new Enduro) and had a laugh at the barriers. Hopefully when he goes home he will keep it up and race.



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