Last weekend I headed over the Border to ‘Merica to compete in the Cascade Cross Series ‘Cross Border Clash’ representing Canada. I was lucky to catch a ride with Vancouver’s Golden Boy of Cyclocross Kevin Calhoun. The weather was dire all day and rained all the way through the race. The course was great except for the spiral of death in the middle of a bumpy field. It just seemed to sap all the energy out of me and make me dizzy. The track had everything, sandpits, flyover, pump track, barriers, singletrack and deepest mud puddles ever seen.

The race started on a road and quickly hit the grass and over the first barrier. I was second over the barrier and moved up into first just before the Flyover to avoid any slower riders catching me out. Luckily for me this was a good plan as madness ensued right behind me.

This video shows exactly what happened……

Once I got away from this I got on a group of 5-6 riders and we rode around taking turns at the front. As we hit the sandpit on lap 3 Jon Ross from Fanatik  Bike Co. got a small gap and I tried to chase it down. He had about 10 seconds on us. David Gillam of Glotman Simpson (Cat 1-2 Roadie) had the power and pulled at the front with me and we made a break from the group. He rode the sandpit on lap 4 and got a gap on me. I chased hard and managed to get back onto him just before the final run through the pump track. A back marker dabbed on a little kicker and I lost the wheel. He managed to stay away on the last bit of road and I had to settle for 3rd. It was a good result considering how I had felt during the week.

There are plenty of more races before the season ends. The next few are big ones…….Provincials, final round of the Super Prestige and a UCI C2 Race in Surrey. Then its a big rest and back onto the MTB to have some fun this Winter.

Photos by Andy Bokanev. Video from Youtube.


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