The morning started with a boat trip to Vancouver Island. It was my first time ever travelling to the Island since I moved to BC.  The weather was cold as we rode from the boat to the venue. On arriving I could see that the course was fast with lots of steep downhills and two sandpits. I signed on and got some practice laps in between the other races. I was racing in the Masters Category but this year it was updated to a 35-44 so I was in with some of the faster Master 1-2/Elite riders.

I got a call up for the 3rd row so had to do a bit of work to but there was a long road section before the first steep climb. The gun went off and we all charged off. The fast lads went to the front and I managed to come up the outside into the first single track in about 10th place. A sharp u-turn bottle necked everybody behind the first group and a small gap opened up. On the first downhill I had to be very cautious as I had no brakes and squeezed between the tight trees. As we came into the main park area of the venue I had two team mates with me. Scott McGregor and Mike Murphy along with a few other guys I have been battling all season. We hit the Steps for the first time and I tried to stay ahead and bridge the gap.

I wasn’t strong enough and Scott passed me and rode away. For the next few laps I tried to chase him and others down. I felt good  and was riding well considering I had not got much training in for the few weeks before. I felt stronger near the end and caught back onto a few guys including Scott. I chased down one last guy on the last lap and passed Scott on the steps. Coming into the last sandpit thou he stormed by me and pipped me on the line. Great job Scott. I finished up 12th which I was happy with. The season is nearly over now. Only two races left for me as I won’t be riding in the Canadian National. the final Super Prestige Round and the UCI C2 Event the day after the National Champs in Surrey.

Thanks to Palleus for the Photos.


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