Well lets start by saying it didn’t  go to plan but I did have a bit of fun while I was home. I had the opportunity to race in Swords thanks to Brian Curran who loaned me his sweet Stevens CX Bike. The bike was a little small but I had great fun on it. I did the A race and managed to finish near the back following a mechanical with a seat post and a belly full of Mammy’s dinner. The weather was freezing and the ground was icy and muddy at the same time.

The second race i entered was the Fixx CX Finals in Balally near my house in Dublin. I was really looking forward to racing here as it was one of my local parks that I played around on my bike as a kid. Paddy Daly of Donnybrook Landscaping loaned me his Giant TCX Alu bike to race. It was similiar to my Advanced so i felt at home straight away. I raced the B Race and started at the back of the pack. I worked my way up a bit and managed to finish 12th. I wasn’t too disappointed as I had food poisioning in the week leading up to it. The course was great and the WORC guys did an awesome job at organizing.

Thanks to Sean Rowe, Adrian Van Der Lee and Graham Hand for the pictures.




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