Still going strong here in Vancouver. The ever changing weather really has me messed up. One day its snowing the next its summer weather. The Night biking is still kinda happening with snow up higher on Fromme. Jeff and myself have not given up yet and have got a few Executioner/Dreamweaver laps in.

We also got some hiking in while the weather was good. The views from Buntzen Lake over to Deep Cove were amazing. Well worth the climb.

Long cold Road Rides to build up the milage for the coming season. Myself and Kim out at Iona Beach.

More snow on Fromme at the weekend. Lots of grip thou.


Finally that view again that reminds me the reason I moved to Vancouver.1959451_10203156855220279_1877755247_nThe build up to the season is getting close. Ive a few trips planned in April that I can’t wait to share with you. Team sponsors and gear is rolling in and there is talks of a new bike too. My goals are set and I am training to achieve them. I can’t wait for 2014 to kick off!



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