So Ive been off here for a while for personal family reasons but back on the wagon now. After a month off the bike I went full on and made the rookie mistake of doing too much to try make up the winter base miles I thought I lost. Two big weeks of 11hrs and 16hrs caught up with me. I had a disaster of a Nimby 50 pre ride in 30degree weather but managed to stay on the horse and ride my first Road Race of the year last Tuesday. After feeling really sick and tired for two days I took a turn for the better and decided to race. What a great decision. The plan for my first Tuesday Nighter was to stay in the pack for the whole race and then not contest the sprint and stay safe. I did just that and rode well. Roll on the next one. I now have 3 races in the next week starting with another Tuesday Nighter, Toonie Enduro and the first of my big races the Nimby 50. Ive set a goal on the time and will let you know if I achieve it on Saturday.


In other news…..Strava…….Its got my bug again. Ive signed up for a few challenges to keep my busy and just achieved my first one 🙂  It was the Skratch Labs Tour of California 16hrs in 8days. So I can now proudly display my medal of honor.

skratch-ride-v2 skratch-ride-v2-100

Summer is here and Ill be riding lots. Just need to remember to take pics along the way.




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