This set of pictures give you a good example of how hard my introduction to the Singlespeed life was. Note the grimace of pain on my face in the first picture. The big issue with running Singlespeed so far for me is setting up the bike and gearing. The common notion is to go with the 2:1 ratio. On a course like Whistler that did not work due to the steep climbs not usual associated with Cyclocross Races. I think in any Park style race this would not be an issue.ss whistler

This leads to lots of running and walking with bikes. Not really what I signed up for. My poor knees don’t know what hit them. I went with a 34-17t. So in the village I didn’t have enough gearing and on the hills was too high. All a learned curve I suppose. In the race I managed to get a large gap at the start and lead all the way until the last lap when my chain dropped off and I couldn’t seem to get it back on. I opted to run the lap as the guy behind had caught me. I eventually came over the line in second. Now I am gunning for the top spot in the next few weeks.



All hands up for single speeds.10628592_655481774559868_3325286073177620397_n


Expect a post on my new Giant TCX SSCXWC very soon.

Photos by Andy Euenson and Clint Trahan.


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