The new year has come and gone. Ive been busy in work and enjoying riding bikes as usual. I haven’t started the winter training just yet so its all been about fun on the bike. What a better way to have fun than to get a new bike. Introducing the 2015 Giant Reign Advanced 1.

The bike is awesome. The 160mm travel coupled with the 65 degree head angle makes this bike act like a mini downhill bike on the descents. The Rock Shox Monarch Plus Debon Air rear shock has a great 3 switch lever to help with the climbing. After the ghetto One-by conversion with a Race Face Narrow Wide 32 Ring, my X0 crank, Xtr Trail brakes and Enve Bars the bike weighed in at 29.1lbs with pedals, bottle and garmin.


So with the new bike Ive gotta get out on some adventures. The winter in Vancouver has been really good. Like really good for the bikers and not the skiers. The trails are in the best conditions ever so it would be rude not to use them.

Even managed a New Years Eve ride with this bunch of cool Irish people. North Shore is the new Three Rock….hahaha.

Oh and some new Canadian riding buddies.

10928994_10152738277848402_5645562903803408847_n 10888736_10152681096428402_1832873544749301644_n

Stolen pictures from Elladee as Im too busy riding to stop. January is nearly over now. Training starts in February so expect some #JRA Selfies to flood onto Instagram. Plans for 2015 challenges and races are well underway.


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