All good trips to the Island start at Horse Shoe Bay. This was our first proper trip to the Island since we moved here and we were really excited. We had packed up the truck complete with the days and our tents to camp in Courtenay. There was a big gang of us travelling. Myself and Louise left on Wednesday as we had a few extra days off.


The sailing was calm and the sights beautiful. Onc we landed I opted to ride my road bike from Naniamo to Courtenay (110km). 11130162_10152914295848402_6422855456152425791_n

Thursday seen us hit the trails and try out what Cumberland had to offer. It was well worth the trip. A huge mix of different kinds of trails. The first trail we hit was Thirsty Beaver. It started midway up the mountain and brought us back down towards the parking lot.


On our second lap we tried out Blue Collar and a few other trails along the way that were recommended by some locals we met on thhe Mountain.

11102960_10152914816018402_7644730355936889998_n 11008563_10152912771138402_7176915684463962729_n

That night we were all tired after a feed and lit the Fire at the campsite to chill out. The weekend was great and I can’t wait to get back there . Roll on the summer!!!!



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