A quiet season – Nothing to see

So in 2016 Racing took a back seat as life brought me a new adventure with the arrival of Max. I did manage to dust off the old Singlespeed and get out to Vanier Park and a new race at Cultus Lake.

14608900_10154694333964874_1488088667461226144_oThe long sand sections on Cultus lake were great fun.

14633467_10154694346984874_3712620932338043537_oTrying to remember how to corner on a cross bike again.

14590018_10154694328364874_955982218010016203_oThat moment when you realize that you can’t hold with the guys anymore and you are just in the way.

14708009_10154181415093402_6407007043311676695_oVanier Park was always a great race. 2016 was no different.


Ever though I was not races much I managed to keep semi fit with some mid week practice sessions withe the #steedgreenmachine.



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